What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is when your customers order a wholesaler's products from you, but instead of shipping the items to you, they get shipped directly to your customer. 

Why is dropshipping helpful? Dropshipping is extremely helpful, as it can save on shipping costs and time. You don't have to pay to have the item shipped to you and then ship the item to your customer. It also saves on time by cutting out the middle step, items go directly to the end customer. 

Is there a cost to use dropshipping? No there is no cost for dropshipping. 

Will we use any identifying information for our business? We use all unbranded packaging. As well as using your business information as the return address on the label. This means your customer won't know it came from someone else. 

How to place a dropship order?

1. Your customer places an order with you.

2. You order through our site. 

● There would be a separate order for each customer.

○ On the cart page, please select the box for dropshipping. 

○ Put your business name and information in the box. This is the information that will appear as the return address. 

○ At checkout, the shipping address will be the customer's address. 

3. We will complete the order, and tracking will be provided.